MOTHER (EarthBound) Series Translations

Here you will find English translations for Japanese MOTHER (EarthBound) works, like Saori Kumi's MOTHER and MOTHER 2 novels. More to come, I hope!

I've got to come along with you! - Ana, a girl with mysterious powers, the athletic Ken, and the scientific young genius Lloyd stand together to save the world from a crisis. In order to enlist the help of Queen Mary, ruler of the kingdom of Magicant, they must seek out eight melodies scattered throughout the world, as the sinister influence of their alien foe draws steadily stronger. And just what is the true identity of their dreaded enemy...? A complete novelization of Shigesato Itoi's beloved, immersive RPG!
(Translation from back cover)

An English translation of the MOTHER (EarthBound Beginnings) novelization by Saori Kumi!

My name is Ness. Before a meteorite fell on the mountain behind my house, I was just an ordinary, baseball-loving kid in a red ball cap. But after that night, an unbelievable journey began for me and my friends! Paula, a beautiful blond girl with psychic powers. Jeff, a prodigy with all things mechanical. And Poo, the prince of a mysterious kingdom. In order to protect the future of our world, we'll need all of our courage, wisdom, and love, to stand against an enormous enemy! The masterpiece RPG from producer and director Shigesato Itoi returns, in an epic and emotional novelization.
(Translation from back cover)

An English translation of the MOTHER 2 (EarthBound) novelization by Saori Kumi!

Strange things are happening in the neighborhood lately. There are rumors of roaming corpses and bizarre murders. The town has been placed under martial law, and the townspeople spend uneasy days confined to their homes. Podunk, the most beautiful location in the state of Maine, is starting to look more like a ghost town. Douglas, a boy living in Podunk, finds a strange diary in his attic. Guided by this diary, Douglas heads out on a journey. His destination - Mount Itoi. The dark clouds looming over the mountain's peak may hold the key to all these strange mysteries. Together with Anna and Lloyd, two friends he meets along the way, Douglas makes his way toward the cursed mountain. But a fearsome enemy awaits them there...
(Translation from back cover)

An English translation of the interactive MOTHER "Adventure Game Book", Invasion from the Unknown by Akio Higuchi!

Last updated: 10/14/2022
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